Acne Problems? We can help at Skincare by Candy!

Let’s face it. It’s been a long year. No doubt about it 2020 was unforgettable. But let’s be honest, everyone wants to forget about it. The quarantining, the masking, the isolation, no family get togethers, Zooming with friends and business colleagues all combined gave us more stress than we deserved.

Hopefully, it won’t happen again. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. So, let’s look at the bright side. Today, many masks are off and we are making new plans. Eating out, getting away on a vacation, the backyard BBQ party plans, and trips to the gym are showing up on many “things to do” lists.

OK, so we still remember the “drag” of all those months. But what if your face remembers? “What,” you might say to yourself, “my face?” That picture you were just in at a party speaks for itself. Your face and skin need a pick me up.

All of the stress from those months could be remembered on your face! Why? Because stress can cause pre-mature aging. You are not alone, so don’t panic. We have a plan. You need to glow again.
So, it’s time to act.

Skincare by Candy to the rescue!

How does this happen? Here are the facts. Stress and social isolation, which also causes depression, speed up cellular aging by shortening each DNA strand. Their structure and its strength weaken.  As our DNA strands shorten and this weakening happens, it affects all of our chromosomes. All forty-six of them. Yes, all of them. It just snowballs and causes these unwanted effects. Zooming is also a culprit. Nobody wants to look bad on the screen and looking into one all day is draining. This “condition” was even given a name. It is called “Zoom dysmorphia.”  Yikes!

Who wants to say TMI (Too Much Information)? Ok, so you have the info. How about making that call to Skincare by Candy. They offer a free consultation so there is no risk. Our suggestion? Take a break and hit the spa. Multiple facial and spa treatments await you!

Why wait to look great?!
And as Candy would say, “You deserve this! Oh, and so does your skin.”

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