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Candy Vidales

Skincare by Candy is an Advanced Skin Care Clinic that is a 2017 finalist Player of the Year, for DMK’s The Skin Games held in San Francisco. This prestigious international competition allows contestants to compete with industry professionals to be the best skincare practitioners around the world. Candy will continue to place an emphasis on being the very best at finding amazing results and keeping her clients fully satisfied.

Professionally-trained Paramedical Advanced Skincare Therapist, Candy Vidales finds your skin’s natural balance by removing, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining optimum health. Candy’s Elite Revision Concepts begin with a consultation, recommended treatment and routine protection that will help you protect your skin’s surface. Rebuilding Skin…Rebuilding Lives starts with SkinCareByCandy.com

“My passion for skincare started over twenty-five years ago in Palm Springs, California.

Before opening my own practice, I worked at various international resorts & spas in Palm Springs such as Marriott Desert Springs Resort, Esmeralda Resort, Hyatt Grand Champion Resort and Cal-A-Vie Health Spa in San Diego.

Education is paramount to my practice .  As a certified and trained DMK Products Representative, I know how important it is to stay current with new research and techniques. I use cutting edge technology at my facility and maintain the highest standard of skin care services in North County.

My focus is on individualized skin rejuvenating programs for problematic skin. I find solutions for people who want to improve and maintain optimal skin health. I will tailor a treatment meeting the needs and goals of each client helping them create the ‘best’ version of themselves.  

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Double Chin

I know you’ll enjoy your experience at Skincare By Candy. But more importantly, I know you’ll see the desired results you’re looking for. I look forward to the opportunity to help create the Best Version Of YOU!”

Candy’s level of personal care, paying attention to detail and her ambition for results, are the reasons why Candy has a stellar reputation with clients both existing and new.

Get Advanced Skincare Treatments and DMK Products from Skincare by Candy in Carlsbad CA.  Enjoy healthy skin with our wrinkle-reducing DMK Facial Products.

Elaine Brennan

The Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Treatment is great for all skin colors and conditions with great results.  This new Skin Renewal Peeling Treatment produces a superior peeling that is totally safe and effective and is therefore suitable for skins of all ages, types and color.  All ingredients used in this Skin Peeling method are of the finest quality that is approved by the FDA for use on the skin. This Skin Peeling can be applied to selected areas of the body as well as the face, neck and eyelids.

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