THE CRYION SYSTEM — FDA Approved & NTRL Certified

The Cryion™ system is designed to treat your entire body. The system is unique in that it uses multiple treatment modalities to create changes deep under the skin. Cold Laser, Red Light, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Technology, Cavitation/Ultrasound and Laser Lipolysis are all combined to give clients the most powerful and longest lasting results.

The powerful Tri-Channel technology improves elasticity, strengthens collagen  and elastin production, improves skin tone appearance, fades wrinkles and fine lines. Resurfaces skin to fade scars and shrink pores, improves circulation and overall health of the skin, for noticeably younger looking skin. Helps to clear acne and supports the healing process.


Body Sculpting treatment modalities diminish cellulite by reducing dimpling and bumps. Helps to reduce inches and weight. Stubborn fat cells are targeted with revolutionary technology and broken down and eliminated through the excretory system. Non-surgical and non-invasive providing superior results immediately. Most clients typically see the difference in their clothing after their first treatment.

One of the most positive benefits to our Body Sculpting treatments is that there is no downtime and treatments are painless. No need for anesthesia. No bruising or swelling, no negative effects, just great results.


The Cryion Beauty System ™ is unique in that it uses multiple modes of treatment modalities to make the changes happen.

These modalities include Red Light, Radio Frequency, Cold Laser, Cavitation, Ultrasound, Lipolysis Laser and Vaccuum Therapy. Some of these treatment modalities make the same changes to the skin and some make different, but they all work synergistically at different degrees to create drastic, visible, improved, immediate and long lasting results.


Cold Laser supplies cold energy to the skin in the form of non-thermal light photons. Using light waves in the near infra-red ranges it stimulates the skins mitochondria, making old cells behave like new cells. The energy that is created and stimulated from the cold laser heals, repairs, builds collagen, increases cell turnover and oxygenates the blood. Cold Laser Frequency Level: 950 nm


Radio Frequency stimulates collagen production. It immediately tightens the collagen fibers of the skin; it gives a long lasting lift and increased volume, softens fine lines, promotes collagen production for four to six weeks following a treatment and boosts oxygen levels. In body treatments it creates lipolysis and melts fat. Radio Frequency Level: 10MHz


Cavitation/Ultrasound  uses sound waves to break down fat. The treatment has immediate results and delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure. It allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear. It targets localized fat deposits and reduces body circumference for body contouring. Emulsified fat is broken down and expelled through the excretory system: comes out of body through urination, sweating and feces. Ultrasound Frequency Level: 3.0 MHZ


 The lasers trigger a chemical signal in the fat cells that break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, it is then released through the cell membranes. Fat content is then transported around the body to the tissues where it is burned off during post treatment exercise.


Red Light increases collagen production and repairs skin, supports detoxification and circulation, benefits thyroid regulation and hormone regulation, supports healing and recovery, optimizes metabolism. Red Light Wavelength: 850 nm