Rejuvenating Facials – Because You Deserve the Best in Carlsbad CA

Facials are not just her business, they are what she is most passionate about. Candy is focused on each individual client’s needs and there is no cookie-cutter approach to any of her treatments.  She takes the “fru fru” out of skin care and leaves you with beautiful, lasting results, while providing a relaxing experience.

Candy will make sure that your Facial will begin when she gains insights into your specific skin tone, problem areas, and lifestyle so that we can fully understand what facial treatment products and treatments will serve you best.  She truly believe that there is no better job than making someone feel good about themselves, and that is a job that she loves fulfill every single day.

Rest assured, that Candy is dedicated to recommending only the best products for your individual skin care needs.  Her continuous training and research allows her to fully understand the products that are available on the market today, including which work best for which people.  Her approach to skin care, facials, and all of our services is focused on providing real solutions that produce real results for real people.

Using only the best products from some of the most innovative brands in the industry, she helps to redefine facial services, allowing you to experience the results you’ve been looking for.

Discover the difference by calling for your complimentary consultation today.

The options for facials are flexible at any level so that you can experience the skin care you desire, regardless of budget.  The most popular facial services include:

DMK Lunch Time Facial Peel

The Lunch Time Peel performs a controlled micro – removal of the dead skin cells leaving the skin radiant and luminous. No downtime and a great option to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, open pores and brighten the skin.


Age-Management Facial with Muscle Banding Mega Lift in Carlsbad CA

Many people desire instant lifting and Muscle Banding does just that.  This Skincare Treatment is a mega lift that tightens and firms leaving visible results.  Age Management treatment is designed to fight against the decline in collagen and other issues causing and increase in the aging process.


Pre-Teen Acne Facial Treatment in Carlsbad CA

This perfect pre-teen facial starts with a deep cleanse, a mild enzyme, exfoliation, extraction and masque promoting healthy skin.  This is the Best Facial Treatment is ideal for teens up to 15 yr.


Acne & Congestion Skincare Treatments in Carlsbad, CA

Stabilize and regulate the skin while avoiding the dysfunctions that contribute to acne. Remove blockage within the ducts , regulate oil flow and cell turnover minimizing acne condition.  Another very effective Skincare Treatment available in Carlsbad, CA.

Starts at $185

Skincare by Candy Signature Enzyme Therapy Facial in Carlsbad CA

This is the best Facial Treatment and Skincare Treatment in Carlsbad, CA for those who want to address and improve the condition to maintain healthy skin.  Design to increase lymphatic drainage and create a reverse osmosis which is like cell cleaning , while firming and tightening the skin.

Starts at $175


Using combinations of acid to gently but effectively eliminate the built up of dead skin cells and impurities to improve texture and hydrations levels in the skin giving
the skin that “Dewy”  look ideal for clients who suffer from fine lines , acne, pigmentation.