Best DMK Alkaline Wash in North San Diego

The DMK professional alkaline wash system is a pain-free hair removal treatment for all areas of the face and body, designed to reduce fine downy hair called vellus hair, also known as ‘peach fuzz’.   The wet chemical action of the alkaline wash brings the skin and hair to its furthest alkaline level on the pH scale in less than three minutes, dissolving all hair and the destruction of the underlying vellus hair follicle. 

Why is Alkaline Wash more effective than dermaplaning? 

This treatment is very different to dermaplaning, there are no scalpels involved or continuous unnecessary scraping of the skin, the alkaline wash will destruct the hair follicle and reduce the rate of growth of vellus hair, whereas dermaplaning will do neither.  For the healthiest and most radiant skin we need to keep the skin as thick as possible with as little disruption to the acid mantle to prevent bacteria entering and trans epidermal water loss from occurring.

The Benefits of the DMK Alkaline Wash:

* Alkaline wash improves the texture of the skin.
* Removes vellus hair where laser can not.
* Eradicates folliculitis and ingrown hairs.
* The treatment is painless.
* Ideal for clients who are not suitable for waxing.   

How many Alkaline Wash treatments do I require and how often?

Initially, you will require a single patch test to determine your suitability for the alkaline wash 72 hours before treatment will commence.

Three treatments will be required, one treatment two weeks apart until all three treatments have been completed, thereafter you will require one treatment once per month for approximately three months. The rate of growth should have decreased around this stage and it maybe that you require a further treatment in two or three months-time, thereafter the frequency between treatments will become further apart.

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