Acne Problems? We can help at Skincare by Candy!

Nobody wants to get acne. The fact is that many people suffer from this annoying complexion problem at some point in their life. Don’t worry, because we at Skin Care by Candy can help you get rid of those embarrassing blemishes.

Let’s understand some basic facts and myths about acne. Breathe a sigh of relief because acne is certainly treatable, but it is a process. Many treatments can start to get at the root of the problem. It just takes some time and patience. Here is the culprit. Simply stated, it is a substance known as sebum. When too much sebum is produced, your face experiences the wrath the imbalance. A shift in the amount of sebum will change your genes or hormone levels. Plus, certain medicines will also affect the levels in the same way. So once things start “popping up” we at Skin Care by Candy can create a plan specific to you and your skin condition. We can help from start to finish. 

Acne Skincare Treatments at Skincare By Candy Spa

Many people believe that this condition mean that you don’t wash your face enough, you eat too many greasy foods, only teenagers get acne, and getting a tan should help eliminate the problem. Nope. Fact is, they are all myths. How about that? So yes, the sebum level needs to be put back into balance. Then additional types of treatments can be used to help heal the surface of the skin.  

One thing we encourage you to do is to try and not get stressed out by an outbreak.  While anybody will naturally be under stress from time to time, try to stay calm.  Stress causes your body to create more hormones and androgens.  The change of hormone levels can make matters worse.

So, relax and come see us.  We will find your skin’s natural balance and within 6-8 weeks, poof you should begin to see the problem fading away.

We can explain more when you schedule a consultation. So, remember, just call Candy!

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