Face & Neck Treatments

Non-Surgical, Non Invasive, Alternative to Botox – Using Cold Red Light Laser Combined with High Power Radio Frequency, No Pain, No Needles, Instant Results – Tightens the skin, reduces eye puffiness, reduces dark circles, reduces wrinkles, lifts the skin, reduces double chin, increases your natural collagen production, circulation and improves skin at a cellular level.

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Body Treatments

Non Surgical, Non Invasive, Lose Weight & Inches, Tightens Skin, most clients lose anywhere from one inch to three inches per area, see the difference from the very first session. If you have a bulge in your belly from pregnancy, or love handles, sagging bat arms or cellulite, this is the treatment for you.  Used for: Stomach, Love Handles, Back Fat, Arm Fat, Throat, Double Chin, Butt and Thighs.

Up to 40% Off -- Call for Pricing

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