Skin Lightening Facial Treatment in Carlsbad, CA

Skin Lightening Facial Treatments can help to lighten your skin color and reduce dark spots area by reducing the melanin in the skin. This type of facial also contains antioxidants, and nutrients that makes the skin radiant and healthy.  Skin Lightening Facial Treatments are suitable for both women and men.  All treatments are done with Botanicals products that are chemical free giving excellent results.

The benefits of Skin Lightening Facial Treatments in Carlsbad, CA

  • Removed dead skin to allow better absorption of nutrients applied to skin
  • Allow the growth of new skin cells
  • Lighten spots and pigmentation such as freckles and scars
  • Brighter skin and lighten skin tones without making you look pale and dull
  • Even the skin tone
  • Better skin making you look younger
  • Increase confidence in your outlook

In contrast to skin whitening, “skin lightening facials” have a positive function other than achieving a lighter complexion.  In order to understand what skin lightening actually is we first need to understand what hyperpigmentation is.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that refers to any darkening of the skin. Dark patches form usually on the face and hands or other areas that are commonly exposed to the sun. This darkening of the skin occurs when an excess of melanin, which is a brown pigment that gives our skin its color, forms deposits in our skin. Although hyperpigmentation is harmless many people are uncomfortable with the way it makes them look.

Hyperpigmentation spots are often caused by repeated exposure to the sun. Freckles and other darkened skin areas can become darker from sun exposure. This happens by the melanin absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays in order to protect the skin from overexposure.

Another form of hyperpigmentation is Melasma. Melasma spots are larger than the spots caused by sun damage. They appear as symmetric blotchy hyperpigmented patches on the face, usually the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip. They are most often caused by hormonal changes. Pregnancy and the use of birth control pills can also bring about the overproduction of melanin, due to hormonal changes.

Acne and other skin diseases may cause hyperpigmentation, leaving dark spots after the condition clears.  To deal with hyperpigmentation, skin lightening products are formulated to even out skin tone and restore the skin’s natural color before the hyperpigmentation sets in. If you want to see your natural skin color, look at the inner part of your upper arm.

A good Skin Lightening Facial helps to:

  • Cleansed the skin
  • Removal of blackheads and white heads manually
  • Improvement of dehydrated skin with rich nourishing masks that restore skin’s natural barrier function
  • Plumped skin with moisturizer
  • Temporarily smoothen out wrinkles with AHA or BHA treatment
  • Exfoliate skin to achieve a smoother surface
  • Reduce brown discoloration, improve skin tone

A wonderful facial will include exfoliation with a formulated Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA) or Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) product. They are anti-aging that helps to achieve younger skin, even out the skin tone and to build collagen. Antioxidant is also used to have healthy skin by repairing damaged skin cells and prevent further damage to the skin.

After the facial, a good aesthetician will apply a layer of sunscreen that should only contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reduce the risk of irritation especially right after the facial as the skin is very sensitive at this moment.

Doing facial will help to make you look better and feel more confident, however daily skincare routine is also very important.

Great skincare routine + Great Facial = IMPRESSIVE RESULTS

Remember to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater to protect your skin against the UV!

Skin lightening treatment is basically destroying the melanin or obstructing the function of the melanin. Skin whitening treatment at home is natural however, it may not be as effective as the skin whitening treatments. Also, skin whitening treatment cost is much higher than home remedies for skin lightening.

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