Facials for Seniors in Carlsbad

A facial will subtract age and make you look and feel younger!

Maybe you can’t beat Old Man Time, but you can delay the rascal and subtract years from your appearance with a visit to Candy’s Advanced Skin Care Clinic in Carlsbad, CA.   Candy Vidales is an expert on Facials for Seniors and face massages that tighten your skin, reduce bags under your eyes and diminish dark spots that come with aging, hormonal changes and too much exposure to the sun.

She can make your skin look younger by increasing cell regeneration and increasing collagen.  Candy is an expert in the skincare field, drawing people to her Carlsbad studio from many communities in the San Diego area.

Questions? Candy will be glad to answer them when you call her at (760) 716-7166. Her studio is at 1207 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite Z.

Or email: skincarebycandy@gmail.com

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How facials help seniors in Carlsbad, CA

 As we age our skin becomes more sensitive and more vulnerable to skin diseases. Our skin gets thinner and dryer, susceptible to infection, irritation and scaling. It takes longer for skin damage to heal.  But Candy can help offset age with her facials. Candy, who has 25 years experience providing facials for seniors and she is a professionally trained Paramedical Advanced Skincare Therapist who has worked at international resorts.  She will meet with you, address your concerns and discuss your goals before she begins the facial for her senior clients.

A facial can pay great results.

  • Candy will improve your skin’s elasticity and promote collagen, which dwindles with age. Her tools include chemical peels, masks, lotions, face packs and creams that lessen the looks of aging.
  • Candy can treat bags, crow’s feet and dark circles under your eyes, where the skin is especially thin. She uses creams that eliminate unwanted wrinkles and rehydrates skin.
  • A facial also will even out dark tones in your skin and make it glow. Candy will design a mask specifically for your face. It will hydrate your skin and make it firmer.

You will enjoy a painless method to improve your skin naturally!

Facials make seniors feel better

Just as a massage improves the body’s blood circulation, a facial increases the blood circulation in your face and boosts the flow of nutrients and oxygen. The result: Your face will be radiant!  Other benefits include relaxation, anxiety and wellbeing, always welcome for seniors. With a facial by Candy you will feel your muscles relax, stress dissipate and contentment increase.  All this, and your skin will be exfoliated, detoxified and rejuvenated, too. Candy treats acne scars and extracts whiteheads and blackheads that clog pores.

More skin care services in Carlsbad, CA

Candy also offers individualized peels, body treatments and therapies that deal with hyperpigmentation, acne and skin disorders.  Visit Candy’s studio in Carlsbad and you will see why her clients come to her from Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, La Costa, Leucadia, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Encinitas.

Call (760) 716-7166.

Email: skincarebycandy@gmail.com

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