Why Advanced Skin Care Is Important to Your Health

Experts and Physicians agree that the As the largest organ in the body, your skin is crucial for protecting your inside from the world outside.  This barrier works against the elements, harsh pollutants and infection. It also helps to regulate your temperature. Having a proper Skincare Routine is important in order to protect what is protecting you and Skincare by Candy is an Advanced Skin Care Clinic in Carlsbad CA that can help.  Overall skin health and moisture play key roles in the strength, elasticity and youthfulness of your skin. Knowing which skin condition you have and establishing a proper skin care routine will preserve your body’s greatest defender. When you hear the term skin condition, four main options come to mind:

  • Normal – Not dry or oily, this skin type feels smooth, and the pores are barely visible.
  • Dry – Not enough water in the skin and the pores are not noticeable, but your face appears and feels tight.
  • Oily – This involved visible pores and a noticeable oiliness or sheen to your face.
  • Combination – A mixture between dry and oily skin. Your skin may feel smooth but can also have oiliness in the T-zone.
  • All this tells us that their is a unbalance in the skin. We at skincare by Candy will help you bring the skin balance to a healthy state

You Have Your Skin for Life and Skincare by Candy is an Advanced Skin Care Clinic in Carlsbad CA

The choices you make for your skin when you are young will affect your skin later in life. Although your skin sheds itself daily, if you don’t remove the dead skin cells, your new layers of skin can become uneven, dull and prone to blemishes. This can lead to scars and other skin issues. Hydration is also imperative because dry skin can crack and become more prone to infection.

You’ll Have More Confidence with Regular Skin Care Treatments at our Skin Care Clinic in Carlsbad CA.

Having clean and smooth skin helps give you confidence. We associate good skin with a healthy lifestyle and beauty, which means your mental and emotional well-being can even be influenced by how you, and others, perceive your appearance.

Exfoliate ………… Rebuilt
Tone ………………Protect
Hydrate ……………Maintain

Developing a good skin care routine has long-term advantages for your health.  If you would like to learn how our Advanced Skincare and Age Management Treatments can help you look 20 years younger and give you a beautiful smile, please call  (760) 716-7166 or Book an Appointment at our Advanced Skincare Spa in Carlsbad CA.

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